The Truth Behind The Banner

The Truth Behind The Banner

After receiving a few friendly calls from our clients and friends, informing us about this alarming matter, we have decided that it is time for us to set things clear.
As shown in image below, this so called “negotiator/agent” from one of the real estate agency , had made a few posts on Facebook complaining that we had placed our banner to block his banner in Areca, one of the prominent residential parks in Kepong.
Picture 01

In response to this, we would like to clarify the whole situation as follows:
(1) On 21st June 2013, we have obtained the approval from the house owner and exclusive agent to place our banner in front of the house and as well as hosting an open house in the subject property unit. Our conversation with the exclusive agent and our co-agency letter are as shown below:
Picture 02
Picture 03

1. The photo taken On 24th June 2013 shows that only the exclusive agent’s banner from Solaris Realty is placed at the subject property.
Picture 04

2. On 26th June 2013, we had hung 2 open house banners on the front and side facade of the subject property.
Picture 05

3. On 17th December 2013, we have received a MMS from this "agent" without any text or content to explain the matter.
Picture 06

4. A week after, we have received a call from this "agent" regarding this matter.

5. On 6th January 2014, we have found out that he had spread the same post in a few of the Facebook property pages.
Picture 07

6. These photos below would be best to explain the chronological events and the situation.
Picture 08
Picture 09
Picture 10

We would like to clarify that our banner has been at the subject property since June 2013 and we can assure that our banner did not block any other banner. We have no idea when the "agent" 's banner was being hung below ours.

From the photos above, we can easily compare the difference between our banner and his banner. Apparently our banner, which has been hanging at the balcony for 6 months, was exposed to weather and has already weathered, while his banner still looks entirely new.
Should anyone has further query on this matter, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be pleased to show you on site.

This so called "agent" has done a great volume of damage to our company. His posts which contains picture with discourteous words in the social networking websites have badly affected our company's image and reputation. Without a second thought, he and his friends has labeled us as an agency lacking of professionalism in front of millions of users in Facebook. Through his words, he has described that our agents (who hung these banners) do not have respect towards other property agents.

We shall report this issue to the Board of Valuers, Appraisers and Estate Agents Malaysia (BOVAEA) and we reserve our right to pursue any and all legal remedies for our losses and damages.